Episode 1
Attack on Northill


  • The heroes each wander into the small frontier town of Northill.
  • A force made up of goblinoids and reptilians, led by a hobgoblin, surround and attack the community.
  • A defending force is assembled, and the heroes join the fight.
  • Once the rest of the enemies are engaged in battle, the hobgoblin vanishes.
  • A lizardfolk deemed “Charface” by the heroes causes a mass of shadows to envelope Town Hall and escapes.
  • After the battle, the hobgoblin is found dead in Town Hall seemingly having run himself through with his own sword.
  • Each hero is presented with a letter requesting their presence at a meeting to discuss a vital mission…
Tarkus Hill, a young scout on loan to Northill from the Dascordiin military, was out hunting when he noticed one of the local farmers running towards town at full speed. As he ran, the farmer yelled, “They’re coming! They’re coming!” Pausing only briefly as he reached Tarkus, the farmer informed him that a large force of goblinoids and reptilians had approached his farm, heading for the town. He took off again, and Tarkus followed, as quickly as he could, all the way to Town Hall.
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